CupBop Net Worth, Shark Tank Valuation, CEO and Revenue

According to the latest data from Shark Tank, CupBop has a Net Worth of $200 Million USD: Check out CupBop Salary, its founder, and other details. As of the recent


CupBop Net Worth

According to the latest data from Shark Tank, CupBop has a Net Worth of $200 Million USD: Check out CupBop Salary, its founder, and other details. As of the recent Shark Tank update, Cupbop has an annual sales income of $37 million. Cupbop is a Korean barbecue street-food brand that emerged in Season 13 and obtained a $1 million investment from Mark Cuban for 5% ownership.

CupBop’s annual sales were $18 million at the time of the pitch, and they have since grown to over $34 million. As of 2024, Cupbop’s net worth is estimated to be around $200 million. Since Cupbop’s arrival on Shark Tank, Cupbop has become admiringly successful and intends to open 15 more stores across the United States. Must See Scrub Daddy Net Worth.

CupBop Net Worth

Net Worth 2024$200 Million
Sales Revenue$34 Million
Profits$21 Million
Lifetime Sales$157 Million
FounderJunghun Song
Global Franchisees200+
Food Trucks22
Stores in the USA49
InvestorMark Cuban
Investment Deal$1 Million in exchange for a 5 % stake

Cupbop Shark Tank Net Worth Growth

Cupbop Shark Tank Net Worth 2024$200 Million
Cupbop Shark Tank Net Worth 2023$160 Million
Cupbop Shark Tank Net Worth 2022$95 Million
Cupbop Shark Tank Net Worth 2021$50 Million
Cupbop Shark Tank Net Worth 2020$32 Million
CupBop Shark Tank

Cupbop Shark Tank Update

When Cupbop was pitched on Shark Tank, the company made $18 million annually from 15 stores. Now, they make $64 million from 49 stores. Mark Cuban is helping them add new locations monthly and reinvest their profits into the business.

Cupbop aims to have 100 stores and make $100 million in revenue by the end of next year. The fast food chain has partnered with ‘Qu’ for quick service technology solutions at all its outlets and trucks.

What began as a food truck bringing Korean flavors to Salt Lake City has evolved into a restaurant chain with 49 locations in six states. Cupbop plans to expand globally through franchising, with 150 stores in Indonesia and 100 more set to open in Vietnam, Korea, and Japan. You may also like David Tepper Net Worth.

Overview of Cupboy

Cupbop is a Korean restaurant chain that began as a food truck in Utah in 2013. In 2013, Junghun Song, J Park, and JK Kim founded a Korean cuisine business in Utah after discovering that the cuisine was not represented at a food convention. They began by selling from a 20-year-old food truck.

Cupbop, a food truck from Utah, has expanded to over 100 locations across six U.S. states and Indonesia. It received an offer from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.

Restaurant TypeKorean Cuisine restaurant chain
FounderJunghun Song
Year Founded2013
OriginSalt Lake Country, Utah
LocationOver 100 in Indonesia and 9 in the US
MenuKorean barbecue in a cup, noodles, dumplings, and Kim Chi
Business ModelFast-casual restaurant chain with sales of $8 to $10 bowls of Korean barbecue
Shark Tank Appearance2022

Founder of Cupbop

Junghun Song founded Cupbop believing that Korean food could appeal to the world. He started the first Cupbop food truck in Salt Lake County with two friends. The three founders were born in South Korea, served together on an LDS mission there, and later migrated to Utah with big dreams but little money.

Cupbop’s business model is straightforward: it sells Korean barbecue bowls priced between $8 and $10. The company operates food trucks and brick-and-mortar restaurants with over 100 locations worldwide. In May 2022, Cupbop appeared on Shark Tank and secured a $1 million investment from Mark Cuban. At that time, the company generated revenue of $18.7 million annually. Check out Canelo Alvarez Net Worth .

CupBop Prodcus

Is Still in Business: Cupbop Shark Tank?

Cupbop is still in business as of 2023. The chain began as a food truck in Salt Lake County, Utah, in 2013 and has since expanded steadily.

By May 2023, the company had 49 store locations, six food trucks, and various concessions areas, including one at Utah Jazz NBA Arena.

Cupbop serves Korean barbecue, also called cup-bap (Korean), in a street-food style. The chain has over 100 locations in Indonesia.

Since its occurrence on Shark Tank in early 2022, Cupbop has opened nine more brick-and-mortar locations throughout the US. The chain operates in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Colorado. Cupbop continues to expand its reach by opening new restaurants and offering special discounts during each grand opening celebration. Customers can purchase a bowl for as low as $5.99 on grand opening day. Must Check Mitchel Musso Net Worth.


Who is the founder of Cupbop?

Junghun Song is the founder of Cupbop.

How much is the annual income of Cupbop?

Cupbop has a $34 million annual income.

How much is the Sales Revenue of Cupbop?

The Sales Revenue of the Cupbop is around $34 Million.


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