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Founded in 2011 by our CEO, a tech Guy turned entrepreneur Alex, to unite Money, entertainment & lifestyle content lovers all across the world, CAknowledge has today grown into a leading digital content platform, with an audience base of 10M+ and growing. With an active user base in as many as 200 countries across the world, CAknowledge is helmed by experienced editors and resourceful experts in the world of entertainment & lifestyle, to provide differential value to our loyal readers.

Look no further as our editorial team, driven by the motto of credible reportage brings to you the most informative and well-researched content, which has today made CAknowledge America’s favorite digital destination for the most wide-ranging entertainment and lifestyle content.

This is what drives our endeavour, CAknowledge.com. We not only aim at spreading education in far-reaching areas by making use of the technology but also aim at providing needed guidance at all stages of educational career. Our services are well structured to providing end to end solutions to help you reach the desired destination or in other words, what we all aim to achieve, a fabulous start to professional career. 

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CAknowledge editorial team is fuelled by passionate and driven individuals who are committed to bringing the most entertaining, engaging, and wide-ranging content to our readers. Read more about editorial team here.

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  • Editorial Policies: Our editorial team is helmed by experienced editors & resourceful writers committed to responsible reportage. The aim of all our editorial undertakings is to foster audience curiosity through our expert-led content in the domains of Money, entertainment and lifestyle so readers have to look no further Know more about Editorial Policy.
  • Privacy Policy: Above all else, CAknowledge is committed to the safety and privacy of our readers. We do not collect or retain any sensitive personal data or information from our audiences. Read more
  • Advertising Policy: Our readers’ trust forms the backbone of all that we showcase on our website. We practice utmost transparency, to ensure our users can clearly distinguish between our editorial and advertising content. Read more
  • Terms of Use: We work with Advertising partners to show you ads for products and services you might be interested in. You can choose whether the ads you see on our site are personalized by selecting one of the options below. Read more

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At CAknowledge we are always open to hearing about your website experience, queries, grievances, and more.

You can write to us at – info@caknowledge or Contact us here.