Editorial Policy

At CAknowledge, our editorial team try to make every piece of content we publish unbiased, honest, authentic, inclusive, and fair. We make sure that our readers get the best quality information that’s well-researched, evidence-based, and entertaining as well.

Our Content Principles

  • Reader-centric: The editorial team works towards bringing our readers closer to the answers to what they’re looking for. Be it Money, Net Worth, Investment, Banking, beauty, wellness, fashion, entertainment, or lifestyle, we have something for everyone no matter what you enjoy reading and in the most informative and comprehensible way possible.
  • Fair & Reliable: We make sure that the information imparted to our readers is fair & reliable by making sure our content is: Written by subject-matter experts Reviewed by professionals and doctors Evidence-based and scientifically-accurate
  • Unbiased & Inclusive: Our content caters to a wide group of audience and we try to ensure that we approach our readers with sensitivity and understanding regardless of their gender, age, region, religion, sexual orientation, and physical or mental abilities. We make sure that we don’t pick sides when it comes to facts and let our reviews or articles get affected due to any kind of bias.

Content Sources & Fact-checking

  • Our writers and editors are certified subject-matter experts and they are selected to join the team only after a thorough screening process. The members of our Editorial team also go through months of training so that they’re perfectionists when it comes to delivering authoritative and trustworthy content.
  • When it comes to product recommendations, we work on bringing you original and authentic opinions from real people who have tried and tested products and want to share their experiences. These could be users, stylists, fitness trainers, or any other professional who is associated with the product category.
  • In addition, if you read an article on CAknowledge about a Wealth condition, know that the content was reviewed by a Finance Expert or a certified CA expert before it reached you. We make sure that our content is also backed by Science and we duly cite published research papers from critically-acclaimed journals and online platforms, so that you can click on them and check out where our facts come from.

Timely Updates & Corrections

We understand that it’s important for our content to evolve just the way our world and trends do. Hence, the editorial team and CAknowledge ensures that we update our content on a regular basis to avoid having outdated information reaching our readers. We also make sure that our content is accurate and devoid of any kind of errors.

Editorial Ethics

Like every other publication, CAknowledge also collaborates with brands to support our business. These collaborations help us get you the latest news on product launches and trends so that you hear it first! However, we do not recommend any products or services that we believe are not worth your time, money, or effort. Please learn more about our content process here:

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